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Stop threats to digital journalism – Lina Ejeilat’s story

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It is very important for us to keep on fighting, because there is no pressure on the government to change the law.

Lina Ejeilat is a co-founder and editor-in-chief of 7iber.com, an online publication “that seeks to inform, inspire, and engage communities to foster a more open society”.

Almost two years ago, the Jordanian government blocked some 292 news websites for failing to comply with the country’s press and publications law. The move came shortly after controversial changes were made to the law requiring all “electronic publications” to register with the government and obtain a licence. The changes also required that editors-in-chief of news websites be members of the Jordan Press Association.

In an interview with IPI, Ejeilat reflects on the fallout from the changes to the law.

IPI and the Threats to Digital Journalism

IPI works to highlight the excessive restrictions on the free flow of information and to advocate for a regulatory framework of digital journalism that does not restrict press freedom. The lack of internationally agreed-upon standards with respect to the practice of journalism online represents a challenge for advocacy efforts. Those efforts are also hampered by a general lack of understanding of the challenges that digital journalists face, of the importance of this form of journalism for society, and of the relationship between digital, print and broadcast journalism.

Discussing and framing press freedom violations that affect online journalists, and encouraging greater understanding and solidarity between traditional and new-media journalists, is one of IPI’s main points of focus.

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